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Who teaches the baby baboons how to survive

A female baboon gets pregnant for a period of six months to give birth to a baby baboon. After birth, the baby baboon is always furred and somehow helpless through the eyes are open. It is called an infant after it is born. The newborn has its typical primates ingrained with the gripping reflex hence able to grasp and cling tightly to the mother’s chest using both its legs and hands. This is to keep it safe from its enemies and allow the mother to make her way from one tree to the other or even brush. This happens almost immediately after the baby baboon is born.

How do baby baboons live?

How do baby baboons live

A baby baboon survives with the help of their mother’s ride for several weeks. Thereafter, it will learn how to ride on her back. It will not happen almost immediately after it is born as the baby baboon is delicate and needs protection and feed from the mother’s chest. Usually, the baby baboon will learn how to ride on its mother’s back in an upright position. They are extremely curious, intelligent and alert creatures. The youngster will spend time with its peers in exciting and active playgroups. This will happen a few weeks after the youngster is now exploring their world as they run, climb and jump around. Several moms often look after their baby baboons to ensure they are always safe and fed.

Baboons have a matrilineal society where the female baboons which include a grandmother, mothers, and daughters will live together forever. They are very social and playful creatures which will enjoy games like swinging on vines, chasing each other and even wrestling. And a group of baboons is called troop which will have a dozen of both baby baboons and big baboons. The youngsters are groomed, protected and sleep together with the big ones.

Who teaches the baby baboons how to survive?

Baboons, in general, live as a family. The female baboons always come together when taking care of their youngsters as they can be witnessed sharing foods, giving lessons and even demonstrating to some baby baboons. The male baboons are also fiercely protective to their young ones. Baby baboons also have predators and victims which may include eagles, snakes, African wild dogs’ hyenas, and even lions.

What do baby baboons eat?

What do baby baboons eat

When the baby baboons are born, they weight about 2 lbs which are about two kilograms. By then, they are still clinging to their mother’s chest and the only food they are able to eat is their mother’s milk through breastfeeding. This will happen for about three to four months as they will have started weaning. For every three months, according to research, the baby baboon grows about one pound and will start being a juvenile after about two years old. Therefore, the baby baboon will become mature around six to eight years.

Being opportunistic creatures in eating, baby baboons will eat crops from farms, grasses, seeds, fruits and some will also have a taste of meat fed by their mothers. Some of them will eat rodents and birds and even some will be fed the young ones of other mammals like sheep and antelope.

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